What your office cleanliness speaks about your business?

At first, it may sound funny or may appear insignificant, but the level of cleanliness in work place reflects a lot of important things about the organization.

A lot of work goes in keeping all parts of an office neat and clean during the busy day. In spite of that, some offices meticulously maintain the cleanliness. There is somebody who is assigned the responsibility to regularly wipe the place clean. This reflects the owner’s attitude of tidiness and cleanliness. The attention given to ensure good upkeep of the office tells about their overall healthy approach towards the business.

I was surprised at a gentleman’s insistence to visit toilet of every office that he visited. He told me that he checks the toilets to check the owners’ attitude. The condition of the toilet told him a lot about the owners and the future of the business. Only if the toilets are well maintained and clean, he will think positively about the business, he said. If the toilets are stinking, so is the business, he opined. Why else the owner would choose to ignore the stink and not do anything about it?

In a city like Mumbai, businesses sometimes do not have a choice to have separate toilets, when they have the premises within a co-operative society or an industrial estate. But still, within that shared facility, some action can be jointly taken by heralding support from other occupants.

In a seminar conducted by Radhakrishnan Pillai about application of Chanakya’s principles in business, he pointed out that Chanakya always strongly recommended good maintenance of the fort of the state, which corresponds to the office in business. One must give extra attention, make special arrangement and investment to ensure that the office is always kept clean.

Employees love to work in a clean work place. Their productivity and enthusiasm surely improve. Visitors also like to visit such places. The image of the organization gets a boost. Overall, a clean work place is a highly essential and profitable proposition for long term growth of the organization.

Check out the dirt, garbage, litter and stink around your work place. Before your employees, vendors, customers get repulsed by it, take steps to get it cleaned up. Make sure that the toilets in the work place do not stink and are maintained clean. Some visitor, very important for your business, may be noticing that, too…!

Remember, finally it is our work place. And as they say, work should be done like worship. A place of worship must be kept clean. Otherwise, the Gods will get angry…!