Three Success Lessons From A Successful Indian CEO

At a recent speaking assignment at a company’s annual day, I got a chance to listen to the inspiring speech of Ghanshyam Dholakia, the managing director (MD) of the Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd.

Mr Dholakia shared an advice with his employees to succeed in life. “To succeed in any job, profession, business or in life, you need to ask yourself the following three questions,” he said.

1) Do you do your job without being reminded?

If you need reminders and follow-ups to complete a task, you will find it difficult to achieve something really worthwhile in your life. Taking responsibility of a task is a characteristic of dependable people. If you need reminders to do something, you reduce the speed of the team of which you are part of. A team or an organisation can grow only if all the members take up their share of responsibilities, and perform the tasks on their own.

Being able to complete tasks on your own requires constant self-motivation. And this self-motivation is an asset, which can take you ahead of the others in life.

2) Do you do exactly what you said you will do?

Successful people keep their word. They do whatever they said they will do. They don’t cut corners. They always deliver satisfactory performance. On the contrary, losers speak more, and do less. They make a lot of promises, but don’t keep them. Their performance is less than satisfactory.

If you cut corners, if you always leave a task before its completion, if you over-promise and under-deliver, you are reducing your chances of success. Talking is easy. Doing is difficult. But, it is action alone which will produce results and that only will determine your trajectory.

3) Do you do it when you said you will do it?

Your relationship with keeping your time reveals a lot about you. When someone meets you for the first time, they believe your words completely. They presume you will do all that you said you will do. This belief remains till you perform your first task with them. If you fail to arrive on time or get late on your first promised action, the credibility of your words crashes down. Your punctuality about keeping your time will determine your dependability. People form opinions about you based on your performance on time front. If you are late in fulfilling your various commitments, your word starts losing its impact.

Your trait about punctuality starts when you arrive at your office everyday. For instance, if the time to reach your office is at 9 am with 15 minutes’ grace time, there will be three types of people in the company:

a) Those who always arrive at work before 9 am
b) Those who arrive after 9 but before 9:15 am
c) Those who always arrive late after 9:15 am

Everyday these later-comers give some or the other excuse for being late. These lame excuses are meaningless, except that those who fall under this category prove only one thing that they are not dependable. They can’t keep their word. These people will not get any responsible assignments, if there is alternative. Their chances of success will always remain limited. Also, it is not only at work that the credibility of these late-comers is weak. Such people fail miserably in keeping up to their commitments in all areas of life, at work, at home or in the society. Arriving late or not doing anything on time is their common trait.

So, ask the above three question to yourself. If answers to all these questions are ‘yes’, you are on the path to success. If not, you have some work to do.

This is a really useful and ‘workable’ advice from a man heading an organization of more than 8,000 motivated employees.

Personal Branding Lessons from Priyanka Chopra

I am a Priyanka Chopra fan. She is one of the best things that has happened to India’s entertainment industry. Here are some reasons why Brand PeeCee clicks so well.

1) Connect with the best

PeeCee has worked with the best of the actors in Bollywood. She has worked with all the Superstars of her time. Also, for her music albums, she has joined hands with the best in the world like, and Pitbull.

In an industry where availability, relationships and friendships create collaborations, PeeCee has gone much ahead by connecting only with the best.

2) Dream big and act BIG

Instead of being limited to Bollywood or India, this lady has made the world as her playground. It requires a lot of self-confidence, talent and commitment to have a vision to make a mark globally. There is hardly any other such personality in Indian entertainment scene who has dreamed and realized this big.

3) Be persistent

Success in Beauty pageant, Movies, Singing and Lyrics writing. This multi-talented beauty is persistent in her excellence.

PeeCee puts a lot of hard work in all her movies, songs or other assignments like events, shows etc. Today she is the only actress in Bollywood who can do some multi-talented roles or gigs which the pretty young (or old) things of Bollywood just can’t imagine. She can be called the only real superstar in the current breed of actresses.

4) Make this world a better place (Not in Beauty Queen style!)

All beauty queens have lots of theories of making this world a better place, which they themselves naturally forget after the pageant, because they have mouthed those great-sounding concepts without really understanding what they mean. PeeCee has really made this world a better place through her work.

5) Be unique

Most of the Indian actresses are beautiful dumbs, who can’t be more than a good-looking, necessary accessory to a male lead. PeeCee is refreshingly different. She is a beauty with a functional brain.

Just as in Bollywood, where she created her own unique space without any godfather or uncle or father to hold her hand, she has created her own unique identity on the world entertainment and music scene.

Today, one can confidently say that nobody can fill in the shoes of Priyanka Chopra. She is really unique.

6) Be professional

PeeCee has not allowed controversies or personal tragedies stop her.

She was embroiled into some media created flings with her co-stars. She has withstood all her relationships related gossip or controversies by maintaining a very dignified silence and let her work answer all the gossip mongers.

She exhibited her strong commitment when she resumed work within few days of losing her biggest strength, her father.

7) Be playful

PeeCee comes across as that beautiful, young, naughty woman who captivates your attention not only with her charm but also with her brain. She is intelligent, playful, desirable, seductive and smart.

8) Communicate wholesomely

PeeCee is articulate. She communicates very well. Along with commendable linguistic skills, she also uses a lot of body language to express herself. It is always a delight to see or listen to her speak.

Many beautiful actresses will come and go, but Priyanka Chopra has created a unique space which will be very difficult even to match. PeeCee is one of the best things that has happened to Indian entertainment industry.

Unique, playful, persistent, expressive, smart and desirable – Brand Priyanka Chopra has all the attributes of a successful personal brand.

Handle with care…

Akhil’s father was Dwarkadas’ close friend. During Akhil’s childhood at the village, their two families lived next to each other and lived like one joint family. Dwarkadas was an LIC agent. Akhil used to call him “uncle”.

Later on, Akhil moved to Mumbai. After some initial struggle, he got help from his cousins to get into their business and flourished. Recently, even Dwarkadas moved to Mumbai and wanted to expand his LIC work in Mumbai.

He got in touch with Akhil, who welcomed him warmly and also gave him some insurance work from his office. Dwarkadas was happy that his interaction restarted with Akhil. He used to visit Akhil’s office once in few weeks. Each time he went there, he would try to meet and say ‘hello’ to Akhil. He would also chat with him for few minutes asking him about everybody in the family.

Very soon, whenever Dwarkadas¬† would try to meet him, Akhil would convey through his secretary that “he is in meeting”. Initially, Dwarkadas took this as a genuine reason. But, soon he found out that Akhil was avoiding meeting him. After 3-4 such repeated incidents, he asked the secretary “Can I speak to him on intercom at least?”. The secretary flatly refused, saying “Uncle, Akhil Sir has told me not to let you in when he is sitting with some other people. He dislikes you talking to him about home and family in office. He also does not like you calling him by his first name. Everybody here calls him Akhil Sir. Aap unko Akhil kehke bulaate hein aur time pass karte hain woh unhe achchha nahin lagta.”

Dwarkadas learnt his lesson of the professional world. The rules of personal relationships should not be applied in work place. Keep work and home relationships separate. Do not try to make the twines meet.¬†Don’t bring home to office and vice versa. It may harm both the ends…!