“Ullu Banaving” – Manipulative Pricing gets punished

Some organizations are notorious for misleading pricing claims. Publisher of India’s leading English daily The Times Of India frequently comes out with misleading pricing claims. I received a call from Times group’s magazine distribution company saying “On one year subscription, we offer 50% discount. The newsstand price is 1440. But we charge only 840.” I asked “But then it is not 50% discount. 50% of 1440 is 720.” “Yes sir. We add Rs.120 as delivery charge. Rs 10 per issue.” They may be right in claiming that delivery charge, but to the customer whatever she pays is the final price. So, 840 instead of 1440 is 41.67%. It is not 50%.

Then why should they claim it and try to mislead the customer? It is bad customer experience.

No wonder Times’ magazine portfolio sucks. Customer does not forgive Ullu Banaving manipulative pricing.