Life ReCharge lessons from two dwarfs

Being a dwarf can be a curse.
What else can one feel when one encounters a bitter reality that one is physically less than almost everyone else; where one is consigned to a lifelong existence of limitations.

Life can become a burden. And one can resign to a hopeless future till death brings an end to this painful life.

But not these two gentlemen. I met Ninad Haldankar and Shivaji Ingle who performed at an orchestra recently. God made them dwarfs. But they did not let the limitations of their physical size enter their psyche.  They danced. They played clowns. They laughed. They made people laugh.

They ignored their own imperfect lives and tried to fill the lives of the audience with some happy moments.

They did not cry at the lemon thrown at them by life. They made lemonade out of it. And they laughed and clapped and enjoyed and brought joy to others.

Their small physique taught me some big lessons about life and living.

They were the real giants trapped in those small frames.

If we come to terms with our reality and accept it as it is, a lot of possibilities open up.

The level of our happiness or success need not be limited by the size of our body or our imperfections.

Thank you, Ninad and Shivaji for being real heroes. People like you make this world a better place. People like you make this imperfect world perfect. I salute your fighting spirit.

Three Success Lessons From A Successful Indian CEO

At a recent speaking assignment at a company’s annual day, I got a chance to listen to the inspiring speech of Ghanshyam Dholakia, the managing director (MD) of the Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd.

Mr Dholakia shared an advice with his employees to succeed in life. “To succeed in any job, profession, business or in life, you need to ask yourself the following three questions,” he said.

1) Do you do your job without being reminded?

If you need reminders and follow-ups to complete a task, you will find it difficult to achieve something really worthwhile in your life. Taking responsibility of a task is a characteristic of dependable people. If you need reminders to do something, you reduce the speed of the team of which you are part of. A team or an organisation can grow only if all the members take up their share of responsibilities, and perform the tasks on their own.

Being able to complete tasks on your own requires constant self-motivation. And this self-motivation is an asset, which can take you ahead of the others in life.

2) Do you do exactly what you said you will do?

Successful people keep their word. They do whatever they said they will do. They don’t cut corners. They always deliver satisfactory performance. On the contrary, losers speak more, and do less. They make a lot of promises, but don’t keep them. Their performance is less than satisfactory.

If you cut corners, if you always leave a task before its completion, if you over-promise and under-deliver, you are reducing your chances of success. Talking is easy. Doing is difficult. But, it is action alone which will produce results and that only will determine your trajectory.

3) Do you do it when you said you will do it?

Your relationship with keeping your time reveals a lot about you. When someone meets you for the first time, they believe your words completely. They presume you will do all that you said you will do. This belief remains till you perform your first task with them. If you fail to arrive on time or get late on your first promised action, the credibility of your words crashes down. Your punctuality about keeping your time will determine your dependability. People form opinions about you based on your performance on time front. If you are late in fulfilling your various commitments, your word starts losing its impact.

Your trait about punctuality starts when you arrive at your office everyday. For instance, if the time to reach your office is at 9 am with 15 minutes’ grace time, there will be three types of people in the company:

a) Those who always arrive at work before 9 am
b) Those who arrive after 9 but before 9:15 am
c) Those who always arrive late after 9:15 am

Everyday these later-comers give some or the other excuse for being late. These lame excuses are meaningless, except that those who fall under this category prove only one thing that they are not dependable. They can’t keep their word. These people will not get any responsible assignments, if there is alternative. Their chances of success will always remain limited. Also, it is not only at work that the credibility of these late-comers is weak. Such people fail miserably in keeping up to their commitments in all areas of life, at work, at home or in the society. Arriving late or not doing anything on time is their common trait.

So, ask the above three question to yourself. If answers to all these questions are ‘yes’, you are on the path to success. If not, you have some work to do.

This is a really useful and ‘workable’ advice from a man heading an organization of more than 8,000 motivated employees.

पानी की हो या दु:खों की, बारिश रुकती ही है |

मुंबइ में जब ज़ोरों की बारिश होती है, घंटों तक और कभी कभी कुछ दिनों तक जमकर बारिश होती है, तब ऐसा लगता है, कि यह बारिश रुकेगी ही नहीं |

लेकिन आखिर बारिश रुकती ही है | सूरज की रोशनी वापस आती ही है | दिन प्रकाश सभर हो जाता है | जीवन की चहल पहल फिर से शुरु हो जाती है | हम बारिश और उस से होनेवाली तकलिफें भूल जाते हैं |

जीवन में भी ऐसा ही होता है | जब दु:खों की, तकलिफों की बारिश होती है, जब समस्याएं हमें घेर लेतीं हैं, तब हमें लगता है, की अब इस का कोइ अंत नहीं होगा |

लेकिन उस वक्त यही याद रखना जरुरी है, की कोइ भी बारिश आखिर में रुकती ही है | चाहे वो पानी की हो या दु:खों की |

जीवन के आकाश में संभावनाओं का मेघधनुष्य हमारे जीवन को विभिन्न रंगों से भरने के लिए हमेशा मौजुद ही है |

हां मौसम बदलने में समय लगता है |
थोडा धैर्य रखें तो हर मौसम बदलता ही है |
चाहे कितना ही कठिन क्यों न हो…!