The Great Escape !

I was invited to speak to a group of around 315 youngsters at Great Escape. We had a 3-hour session in the afternoon. The energy was remarkable. All looked fresh (after washing themselves in that water park…). They did not fall asleep even after that preaching from me for more than 2 hours. There were some brilliant boys and girls who spoke about their own career, experiences and the lessons they had learnt. I learnt few things from them. I remembered my youth days. They are much better then what I was then…!

I learnt there are 2 sets of people. One, who feel thankful when you do some good for them. Others are completely thankless. They just forget to register your contribution. In their presence, you wonder whether you do exist or ceased to be…!  But, it is the former crowd which makes the world a better place to live.

I learnt, you must stand by your decision. In that function, somebody mentioned his views against inter caste marriages. I myself am against inter caste marriages, because of some (of course according to me !) logical reasons. One of the boys from the community who came to speak clearly stated that he himself had married outside the community and had no regrets. I respected his conviction and his clarity. His wife must have felt very proud.

I learnt, that all human beings are essentially same. Outwardly we may see some minor differences, but finally, we all have similar traits, feelings, reactions and idiosyncrasies. We all like to be praised. We all like to be with other people as long as we get our way. We all have our ego, which drives us.

I also shared some of my insights and experiences. My message to them was :
3 things, very simple, but if listened to, very profound. :
1)      For a sound body — exercise.
2)      For a sound mind — read.
3)      There is no free lunch.