Merry Christmas !

Some days are good. Some are not. I have observed that since morning we start getting signals about the quality of the day ahead. There are some days when everything is perfect. All seems to be in place. Everything happens which we wished it to happen.

And then, there are days when things go terribly wrong. And you get signals of the same, too. As they say in “The Secret” lingo : “The whole universe is a single mind. All operates in tandem.”

I wonder, if one person’s day is bad, will it be same for others…? I think it can’t be so. World is bigger than what we can make of it.

Any way, it is Chistmas today. And, it is a GOOD day….!
Wishing you all Merry Christmas, a very nice holiday and a Great Year Ahead….!

The Limits Are Set By Ourselves

Today was going to be difficult. Since last 3 days, I am writing papers of my final exam of PT MBA Trimester-2. Today is the last paper. Being a part-time course, we do not get much time to study, as we need to go to office and then attend classes in the evening. Moreover, the trimester is going just too fast. It hardly took 10 weeks to complete. Unless one can dedicate few hours daily for studies, it is very very difficult to cope up. There are very lucky few who can do that.

After the exam, which got over at 5.00 pm, I was supposed to compere a show of Arangetram by daughters of two of my friends. It was too hectic. I had no time to study or prepare anything for the show. I could not even read even once the material given by their teacher. It was difficult.

But, I wanted to do it. I wanted to pass through that test. I may face difficulty, but I would learn from it.

And I did. And hence I want to share that with you… The learnings that is…!

I learnt that the limits are set by us. They do not exist outside. We can do whatever we set out to do.

I learnt that your spouse is the most important person in your life. When the whole world around you may be unaware about what you are passing through, he/she is very much in tune of what is going on inside, outside and around you. Who else can be so completely in sync with you ?

I learnt that the job of thanking oneself needs to be done ourselves. All are absorbed in their own world (as we ourselves are…!)