Thank You, Amit Sir !

This post is to thank Dr Amit Rangnekar, our professor of Marketing at NMIMS, in PTMBA. His ways of teaching are marvellous. I am impressed (and I am not easily impressionable!) The person is very down to earth. Laughs a lot. Laughs at anything and anybody (including himself!). Makes learning fun. One does not realize it is a 3 hour lecture (and he does not give breaks in between!) and listens carefully. I think all of us looked forward to Saturday evenings when he took classes.

He speaks very well. His lingo is Hinglish. He is thorough in his domain knowledge. He knows what he is speaking. Very sharp. At times, blunt. He is well prepared. His notes were the most potent ones I have ever seen. Every word was chosen carefully. On the whole, a very balanced and interesting personality.

Since I joined Part Time MBA, I was not very clear about which specialization to choose. I thought about Information Systems, becase I am a B.E. in Computer Science, so this may be the logical next step.Then I got liking towards HR, because of study of motivation, leadership, personality etc.

After Dr Amit started teaching us Marketing in Trimester-2, my interest in Marketing started rising. I found it interesting, as most of it was communication. Since that, I have made up my mind to go for Marketing as specialization.

Thank you, Amir Sir ! It was because of you that I got clarity about my specialization.