Motivation is a daily need…

Many a times, when I am speaking to some group, people question “What you are saying is good. It feels great after listening to you. But it does not last. Life goes back to the way it was. What to do then to make it long laster?”

I agree. It goes back to the way it was. But, then, that is what life is…!

A beautiful quote about life which reminds me of the stark reality is :
Life is what happens to us when we are busy making some other plans.

It is profoundly insightful. Many a times, life suddenly wakes us up. And then we get carried away by the jolt, the jhatka, the dhakka life gives… Our paradigm shifts, may be temporarily. But we start reflecting. It is just another set of thoughts that occupies our mind. And we feel overwhelmed by life and its realities.

To remain rooted to our happy state of mind, it is necessary to have an anchor in life. And that is where motivation helps us. We cannot listen to someone or watch or read something and get motivated for the lifetime. Just like everything else, motivation also wears out. It needs restoration. Replenishment. Repetition.

Somebody has rightly said : Motivation is a daily need, just like bathing is.
We don’t like ourselves when we have not bathed, right?

Same is with motivation. When life stinks, we need motivation.
Just like we need food to keep our physical body going, we need motivation as mental food to keep our mind going. Motivation is the nourishment of mind. And we need it. Daily. Simple….

We have to find out how can we get it. So that life does not feel like a burden.