Is your business ready, fit and in perfect shape?

Recently, while on a holiday tour, we hired a car for visiting some places. The distance was about 400 kms round trip and we started at 6 am. Hardly one hour on the road, the car developed a flat tire (puncture). The driver, a middle aged fat man, could not set the jack, as it was old and worn out. We had to help him to change the tire.

Going forward, the car could not move faster, because there was some engine problem. Finally, we reached our first halt spot at 1.30 pm, 4.5 hours behind schedule. There, he found out that the car had heated too much and developed some serious problem and couldn’t go forward. He told us go hire another vehicle. We were stranded in the middle of the trip and had to arrange for another vehicle by paying twice the money.

It left us with a bitter experience in the middle of a happy holiday tour. The car driver lost his customer and future business from a lot of referrals as well. Why? Only because he did not keep his car in proper condition, by maintaining it regularly.

It highlights the importance of infrastructure in any business. The basic tools, equipments, machines and all other things which are required to conduct the daily operations of the business must be kept in perfect condition. We see a lot of customers in shops getting frustrated for reasons like PC, Printer, Fax Machine, Credit Card Reader any many such things not working properly. Some places have issues with Air Conditioners, somewhere the furniture is in bad or damaged condition or the toilet taps are having problems or stopper hooks are missing…!

Many hotels have swimming pools, gyms and other games equipment, but are unusable because of very poor maintenance and hence they are there only for the sake of a mention on the brochure or the web site. They are not functional and don’t add any value. In fact, their non-functioning erodes a lot of value.

These are very small things, but they create a lot of irritation and inconvenience to the customer.  One of the very important aspect of any buying process is the customer’s experience while buying our product or service. Such malfunctions leave a bad experience on customer’s minds which are detrimental to the long term health of our business.

So, get all those things repaired and in perfect condition which are important to make our customer’s experience pleasant. It may cost some money, but if not done in time, the damage in terms of customer loss will be costlier….!