How traditional media is losing relevance?

Traditionally, media has considered itself to be the Fourth Estate, wielding a lot of power to inform and influence.

It commands a lot of clout in forming and informing views. With their formidable influence, they could shape and change opinions. They could herald revolutions. They could topple governments. They could finish careers. They could tilt electoral outcomes. But not any more.

Why? Many media houses have assumed much more power than they legitimately should have. Any papdi patrakar does not mind writing any insulting or irresponsible piece about anybody, just to be more popular and controversial.

In India, particularly regional language media has been more irresponsible in its content, focus and presentation. Many publications only can look at the negative side of any story. For example,  28th October 2013 issue of Chitralekha magazine has a cover story about
Sachin’s announcement of retirement. It means to say “Sachin (un)willingly announces retirement.”

The only thing such publications write positive is about some powerful or rich business person when they go out of the way to praise their life journey. Of course, many of such features are ‘inspired’ by some other motives, some of them financial. Indian media is not known to be averse to be purchased. Many PR agencies thrive on planting ‘success’ stories touting some wannabes as ‘the most successful’ in such opportunistic and greedy publications. They call it ‘win-win’ deals. ‘Win’ for the publication, and ‘win’ for the wannabe. But ‘lose’ for the reader.

In-authenticity and irrelevance of such cheap gimmicky media houses was exposed rather openly, when the social media took charge of Sachin’s retirement day. All the negativity generated by irresponsible media surrounding his announcement of retirement was eclipsed by the sheer enthusiasm, loyalty and love showered on Sachin by Indians of all ages to their icon. Opportunistic and negativity-focused regional media looked irrelevant and clueless. The irresponsible media publications like¬†Chitralekha had simply failed at their attempt to tarnish the image of this humble but great personality. They also could not fathom the power and magnitude of the respect Sachin had gathered in India’s minds and hearts. Reluctantly, they started covering Sachin mania because they had completely missed the pulse of the populace they are supposed to represent and educate.

Today, the clout of such irresponsible and opportunistic regional media is reducing thanks to the emergence of social media. The traditional, easily ‘saleable’ and adulterated media has only itself to blame for this sorry state. They made a mistake of assuming more power than they actually had. They sold their reputation by giving charge to brokers (who call themselves journalists), who wrote fiction to be passed on as informative journalism. The new highly connected generation can’t be influenced by paid content. It has its own voice and its own language.

Words can be bought, because such wordsmiths can be bought. But the emptiness of such ‘bought’ words gets exposed. In-authenticity has to die. Sooner or later.

Social media is a tight slap on the irresponsible media. And the slap was long overdue. Let’s hope it brings the senses of this media who looks like a drunkard back to normalcy.

Personal Branding Lessons from Priyanka Chopra

I am a Priyanka Chopra fan. She is one of the best things that has happened to India’s entertainment industry. Here are some reasons why Brand PeeCee clicks so well.

1) Connect with the best

PeeCee has worked with the best of the actors in Bollywood. She has worked with all the Superstars of her time. Also, for her music albums, she has joined hands with the best in the world like, and Pitbull.

In an industry where availability, relationships and friendships create collaborations, PeeCee has gone much ahead by connecting only with the best.

2) Dream big and act BIG

Instead of being limited to Bollywood or India, this lady has made the world as her playground. It requires a lot of self-confidence, talent and commitment to have a vision to make a mark globally. There is hardly any other such personality in Indian entertainment scene who has dreamed and realized this big.

3) Be persistent

Success in Beauty pageant, Movies, Singing and Lyrics writing. This multi-talented beauty is persistent in her excellence.

PeeCee puts a lot of hard work in all her movies, songs or other assignments like events, shows etc. Today she is the only actress in Bollywood who can do some multi-talented roles or gigs which the pretty young (or old) things of Bollywood just can’t imagine. She can be called the only real superstar in the current breed of actresses.

4) Make this world a better place (Not in Beauty Queen style!)

All beauty queens have lots of theories of making this world a better place, which they themselves naturally forget after the pageant, because they have mouthed those great-sounding concepts without really understanding what they mean. PeeCee has really made this world a better place through her work.

5) Be unique

Most of the Indian actresses are beautiful dumbs, who can’t be more than a good-looking, necessary accessory to a male lead. PeeCee is refreshingly different. She is a beauty with a functional brain.

Just as in Bollywood, where she created her own unique space without any godfather or uncle or father to hold her hand, she has created her own unique identity on the world entertainment and music scene.

Today, one can confidently say that nobody can fill in the shoes of Priyanka Chopra. She is really unique.

6) Be professional

PeeCee has not allowed controversies or personal tragedies stop her.

She was embroiled into some media created flings with her co-stars. She has withstood all her relationships related gossip or controversies by maintaining a very dignified silence and let her work answer all the gossip mongers.

She exhibited her strong commitment when she resumed work within few days of losing her biggest strength, her father.

7) Be playful

PeeCee comes across as that beautiful, young, naughty woman who captivates your attention not only with her charm but also with her brain. She is intelligent, playful, desirable, seductive and smart.

8) Communicate wholesomely

PeeCee is articulate. She communicates very well. Along with commendable linguistic skills, she also uses a lot of body language to express herself. It is always a delight to see or listen to her speak.

Many beautiful actresses will come and go, but Priyanka Chopra has created a unique space which will be very difficult even to match. PeeCee is one of the best things that has happened to Indian entertainment industry.

Unique, playful, persistent, expressive, smart and desirable – Brand Priyanka Chopra has all the attributes of a successful personal brand.