India’s no. 1… Really?

Recently, I saw a signboard in Delhi put up by some Mamchand claiming to be India’s number 1 Tasha and Shehnai party (a band that plays at wedding functions).
Many of us have heard people speaking statements like “Chandu Chatwala makes the best Alu Chat in India..”

Some of us have also seen Arnab Goswami of Times Now screaming at people in his news channel Times Now demanding “The whole India wants to know.”
Now, literally, the country India mentioned by the three may appear to be same but practically it is different. It is limited only by the limited world views of the people speaking it. In a country where only less than 5% people view English news channels, you can imagine the size of “Whole India” projected by one singular news anchor at one of the many such channels. The real sizes of India projected by Mamchand or Chandu are even smaller.
However, characteristically, there is something common among Mamchand, Chandu Chatwala and Arnab Goswami. They all are hollow and empty. They assume the position of leadership in a particular domain without even checking who are ahead of them or behind them. We need to use our discretion to know the reality behind the tall claims of such baseless self-glorification.