Cafe Coffee Day – which is the right location?

Marketing lessons by example:

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), known for its relaxed atmosphere, where you can have long, leisurely conversations over some coffee, has made some very illogical choices about its store locations.

I remember seeing a CCD at Essel World. I wondered, how many people may go to Essel World to have a leisurely conversation?

I saw some other CCDs on highways. Again, people stopping on highway to have a quick snack and beverage don’t really have that luxury or inclination of having relaxed conversations over coffee.

In my opinion, it is a marketing mistake. Location is the most important criteria for such outlets. The almost always deserted outlets at such places prove the point,

CCD must try to be where its customers may need it, and not everywhere.

An amusement park and a humming highway are the most unlikely places its customers may be looking for a CCD.

What do you have to say?