How to get our employees 100% involved?

Many business owners have this complaint that their employees waste a lot of time and they are not able to get 100% out of their people. They say “Somehow, they don’t have the vision as big as my vision. They are completely clueless about their work and I have to guide them about each and every thing. How to get them fully involved?”

A small story from daily life, but very much relevant, illustrates the solution of this business problem clearly….

Kalindi was a manager with a company. She was visited by one of her old friends, Shama at her home. Both friends were chatting up and the topic was Kalindi’s work team. She was leading a team of five executives and was somehow finding it difficult to get things done through them. “They just don’t understand the bigger picture. They waste a lot of time. They disappoint me everyday. Because of their inefficiency, I miss many of my deadlines and I can’t achieve my departmental goals. It is so frustrating…! How can I get them involved 100%?” This was her concern.

Kalindi had a visiting cook and a full-time maid servant at home. During the above talk, Kalindi inquired with her cook to ask her about the stock of vegetables at home. The cook checked the fridge and told her what was there. Kalindi sent her back and called for the maid. She instructed the maid  “Please to go to the market and bring Shimla Mirch, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Pizza bases.”. The maid bought the things and gave it to the cook. The cook understood that she had to prepare Pizza, but found that there was no cheese at home. She went to Kalindi to inform this. Kalindi got angry, “Why you did not tell me earlier?”. The cook also got upset, as she never knew about Pizza plan. Then Kalindi sent the maid again to the market buy cheese. The maid also grumbled because she had to go all over again to the market.

Shama understood the entire problem, both at Kalindi’s office and also at home. She told Kalindi “Did your cook know you wanted to make Pizza? Then how can you expect her to give you specific requirements? Similarly, do your team members know what your goals are? If they do not, and you keep assigning them daily tasks and when they don’t find you to guide them, they just wait and waste time. No wonder, you miss deadlines and all are frustrated in the end.” Kalindi got the solution to her problem.

Ask yourself. Do your employees know what are your goals? What is your vision? If not, you may have to make pizza without cheese, which won’t be very appetizing…!

Tell your people what you all are trying to do. Simple, but very practical. Implement it.

Author: Sanjay Shah

Sanjay is the author of "Business Management Simplified" which provides Practical, Actionable Solutions for Entrepreneurs. It is an all-in-one guidebook to start, run and grow a small and mid-size business to the next level. He is also an SME Business Coach, Seminar Leader and Motivational/Keynote speaker, Sanjay is based in Mumbai (India). He advises many businesses on Strategy, Leadership, Marketing, Branding, Customer Experience Management and Organization Development. He conducts various self-help seminars and workshops for companies and groups in English, Hindi and Gujarati. For more info, visit :

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