How do your people feel when you are away from office?

In a company one day, an employee repeatedly called reception from his intercom at his desk. After 6-7 calls, the reception got irritated and told him “I have already told you SIX times he is not coming to office today. Why are you calling again and again asking whether boss has come to office or not?”

The person said, “I am sorry to bother you, but it sounds so pleasant to hear that the boss is not coming to office today. Sun ke bahot achchha lagta hai… Baar baar sun ne ko man karta hai…!!!”

Is this what your people feel when you are away from work? Are they relieved when you are absent? Is it a day of celebration for them when you do not go to office?

If answer to any of the above questions is “Yes”, something is seriously wrong with your leadership. There is a disconnect between you and your people. In such a situation, they working wholeheartedly towards common goals is less likely. Your presence is causing a sense of fear or resentment among them. Under the dark shadow of such negative feelings, how can they work cheerfully and wholeheartedly?

People must feel inspired when you are around. They must feel motivated when they find you among them. This is possible when they are happy in your presence and they are not afraid, when they do not dread your presence. In fact, your presence gives them tremendous morale boost and they feel empowered, encouraged and free when you are around.

People were afraid of Hitler. But they did not like or love him. They hated him. Due to his power, they obeyed his orders, although unwillingly, but they were always yearning to get away from him. People hate Hitlers.

Hitler-like, arrogant, rascal, idiot Hari Sadu always gets it back as soon as people hear from somebody like They joyfully leave as soon as they get a chance elsewhere. It may be fashionable to like to be called a Hitler, but Hitler did not build a lasting organization. By his arrogance and high-handedness, he destroyed whatever was there.

Other than holding their salary, do something positive such that people miss you when you do not go to office. Then, along with hands, their hearts also will join to help you achieve your dreams.

Author: Sanjay Shah

Sanjay is the author of "Business Management Simplified" which provides Practical, Actionable Solutions for Entrepreneurs. It is an all-in-one guidebook to start, run and grow a small and mid-size business to the next level. He is also an SME Business Coach, Seminar Leader and Motivational/Keynote speaker, Sanjay is based in Mumbai (India). He advises many businesses on Strategy, Leadership, Marketing, Branding, Customer Experience Management and Organization Development. He conducts various self-help seminars and workshops for companies and groups in English, Hindi and Gujarati. For more info, visit :