This is how HDFC Bank makes it impossible to work with them?

I have been a fan of HDFC Bank, but recently, the services and their operating processes are going from bad to worse.

Some examples of their illogical ways of working :

1) They changed Relationship Manager, without the customer knowing. It is only when the customer calls the old RM, he is told that now somebody else is your RM.

2) You are forced to use NetBanking. For activating NetBanking for my HUF account required me to go to Bank branch 3 times, every time RM telling new things (which he never told earlier). My experience with RM Abhishek Utekar has not been very good at Malad-East branch, he was never concerned about the customer’s problems.

3) The NetBanking password which comes in a very Private and Confidential does not have the word HUF written anywhere on the letter. It is common sense that an Individual account and an HUF account have rest of the things common. So, the word HUF is most important in the communication. But, common sense is not common in HDFC Bank.

4) You are given a CustomerID for accessing NetBanking. You try accessing it and you will be thrown back by the system citing invalid ID. You are told by RM that for HUF accounts, the CustomerID to be entered is the next sequential number coming after your CustomerID. (Now unless a customer dreams about this, this is never communicated by HDFC Bank, formally. I believe the think that the customer will dream their weird processes.)

5) Their new Passbook has the “Branch Tel No. : 022-61606161″. You call it up and it will take you through elaborate instructions, finally asking you your CustomerID, your TPIN number, etc. etc. You think you are calling up the branch, but you end up calling some Call Centre somewhere. How funny?

6) After somehow getting the correct CusomterID and password, you login but to discover that ‘Your NetBanking has been disabled.” There is a link to enable it, but does not work (I am not surprised now.)

7) I have understood that HDFC Bank believes that you carry your following things always with you (even when you are in some emergency), so that you can bank with them (SMOOTHLY…!!!) :

  • Bank Account Number
  • Your Customer ID
  • Your NetBanking Password
  • Your TPIN (Telephone Banking PIN)
  • Your Debit Card Number
  • Your Debit Card ATM PIN number

8) So much to support HDFC Bank’s tagline : “We understand your world.”

Do you, HDFC Bank?




Author: Sanjay Shah

Sanjay is the author of "Business Management Simplified" which provides Practical, Actionable Solutions for Entrepreneurs. It is an all-in-one guidebook to start, run and grow a small and mid-size business to the next level. He is also an SME Business Coach, Seminar Leader and Motivational/Keynote speaker, Sanjay is based in Mumbai (India). He advises many businesses on Strategy, Leadership, Marketing, Branding, Customer Experience Management and Organization Development. He conducts various self-help seminars and workshops for companies and groups in English, Hindi and Gujarati. For more info, visit :

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