How to handle exam failure?

This is a season of school and college results. Like every examination result, this year, too, there will be many joys and some disappointments.

Handling exam result setbacks is difficult, but not impossible. I have passed through such frustrating experiences.

On the day when I got news of my result much below my expectation, I was shattered. The world seemed to end that day. It was too bad to handle. I felt terribly sense of shame and clueless.

But thankfully, I survived. And no, the world did not end. Neither did it stop.

I did not get good marks as per the expectations of myself and others. But, I got some important learning.

The learnings are :
1) The result is only the reflection of my performance on a particular day. It is definitely not the reflection of my abilities.

2) I learnt that time is the best healer.
With time, I forgot everything, including the painful disappointment that overwhelmed me on that day. I learnt that “This, too, will pass.”

3) The best thing happened was that now I had an experience to deal with a personal setback and survive it. It sort of prepared me to deal with life’s circumstances with renewed resilience.

So, if you are not happy with your exam result, don’t worry. Learn from the failure. Move on.

Remember,  few marks more don’t make you a Hero and few less don’t convert you into Zero.

Life is much more than a mark sheet.

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