Minority has to live with the reality that the majority deserves.

This is the tale of two corrupt parties and a sorry state of Tamilnadu, which is kept backward by its two political parties.

It can be said that India has countries within a country. Every state in the country has its own culture, cuisine, language, festivals and peculiarities. Some states have achieved phenomenal growth and literacy levels whereas others are lagging behind.

The southern state of Tamilnadu is an example of the latter. Its two neighboring states of Karnataka and Kerala have performed much better but Tamilnadu has remained backward since decades.

A visit to the state reveals the pathetic infrastructure of the state. The state public transport facilities are very poor. Law and order situation is unsatisfactory. Sanitation facilities are absent. In Tamilnadu. If you travel for hundreds of kilometers on state highways, you will not find a single decent, public toilet. You are forced to halt at some restaurant on the way to attend nature’s call. And there are not many such places on the way.

We entered Tamilnadu from Kerala once and next time from Karnataka. Both the times we noticed that Tamilnadu has a long way to go in catching up in comparison to its neighbors. The difference becomes obvious as soon as you enter Tamilnadu.

Tourist places like Kanyakumari, Ooty, Kodaikanal are very badly managed. Even though beautiful naturally, these places leave the tourists unhappy because of government apathy. There is no decent state government transport facility between Ooty and Kodaikanal, even though neighboring Karnataka state transport connects them through a service from Mysore.

Yes. Development has missed Tamilnadu. And we can see the reason throughout the state. Almost every town, every village has many banners and posters having photographs of the leaders of political parties DMK and AIDMK. The two parties have been sharing power almost alternatively since so long. These are the two parties which have run and ruined the state since decades.

In Tamilnadu, the leaders of both these parties command a reverence matched only by Gods. The leaders have successfully manipulated the populace even after indulging into rampant corruption decades after decades. But, the local population does not realize this. Even when top leaders of both parties are convicted by courts for corruption of hundreds of millions, their devout supporters come out in support of them.

The majority public of the state lack the understanding to realize the exploitation they are subjected to by their political leaders. Sensibility is in minority in Tamilnadu. And unfortunately, democracy dances on majority.

Minority has to live with the reality that the majority deserves.

Author: Sanjay Shah

Sanjay is the author of "Business Management Simplified" which provides Practical, Actionable Solutions for Entrepreneurs. It is an all-in-one guidebook to start, run and grow a small and mid-size business to the next level. He is also an SME Business Coach, Seminar Leader and Motivational/Keynote speaker, Sanjay is based in Mumbai (India). He advises many businesses on Strategy, Leadership, Marketing, Branding, Customer Experience Management and Organization Development. He conducts various self-help seminars and workshops for companies and groups in English, Hindi and Gujarati. For more info, visit : www.SanjayShahSeminar.com

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